Boost Revenue by Giving Customers More Ways to Pay

In today's growing marketplaces, more and more people are turning to different methods of paying than just cash or credit cards. Samsung, Google, Apple, Paypal and thousands of other services are used to pay for things customers need. With so many options available, having a control center that can accept all of those kinds of payments is more important than ever. But making sure that those payment methods are covered can vary from country to country, state to state or even city to city. With fees, taxes and other charges, handling multiple types of payment can be a huge undertaking. Here is a way to ensure you're giving every customer and yourself the best chance for payment methods.

Cover Every Base with an All-in-One Payment Platform

BlueSnap is a service which provides account management in many different ways. More than just credit card processing, the system will cover you depending on your business model. Traditional online checkout is handled through its easy and intuitive interface. If you bill and invoice, the system can easily handle invoice payments through a virtual terminal. Phone and email orders can also be taken care of through subscription billing, and multi-vendor business models. If there is a way to pay for it, BlueSnap can take the method.

Raise Your Business by Selling Globally

An all-in-one payment platform can handle global transactions with speed and precision. Everywhere a customer can purchase a good or service, they offer e-wallet support and credit cards, as well as local payment methods and almost every currency in the world. With an integrated intelligent payment routing system, any cross-border transactions are routed to the bank that's the most appropriate for your customers, which in turn boosts your eCommerce payment processing success rate. Being able to handle cross-country transactions opens up your business to thousands of new possibilities and millions of potential new customers.

Profitability and Integrated Functionality at Your Fingertips

With built-in advanced eCommerce tools, the moving of your business to its new platform to its support network is already handled for you. They reduce fraud-related losses with the help of integrated fraud protection technology. Additionally, you will receive extensive reporting options, including analysis of patterns and trends in your transaction history. If you've hit a hot spot in terms of customer satisfaction and purchasing, your reports will let you know immediately. And everything from payments to tracking to reporting is accessible from the platform's mobile reporting app.

Running a business has its own set of challenges. With new all-in-one payment platforms, payment doesn't have to be one of them. 


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